Your Startup Disk is Almost Full

Recently I’ve been getting the infamous Your Startup Disk Is Almost Full error popup whenever I try to open a program. My old fix of deleting a few stray files here and there wasn’t making it go away.

your start up disk is almost full

(in a nutshell: if you get this message, you need to delete files or uninstall programs to make space)

My solution: I went through my desktop and deleted all unnecessary files. (I’m that person that saves every single little thing to my desktop.) I moved all photos/graphics/web files to DropBox (see below), deleted some extra software that I installed and don’t use, and what seemed to make the other biggest difference was I deleted all my downloads. On a Mac, you can view all your downloads at Finder > Downloads. I had some large DMG files, graphics, photos etc.. Clearing out most of the downloads probably made the biggest impact on my storage.

You can check your storage to see what is taking up space by going to Apple (icon) > About this Mac > Storage The downloads files will be in the yellow area referred to a Other.

I finally caved and upgraded my DropBox account to move photos and files off my desktop. Up until now, I used DropBox for client work and sharing only. I’m of the old school variety, I typically put all my extra files on external hard drives. Problem with that is, over time even the best hardware brands will break…and then you’re scrambling to find some hard drive expert who claims he or she can retrieve corrupted files, and trust me from my own experience, that’s a timely and expensive slippery slope that you don’t want to bother with.

Dropbox upgrade: 9.99/month, for 1TB of space. That should take awhile. I’ll write a follow up after I hit the 1TB mark and share what I will do then.

If you do get this message, the best fix is to delete all files you don’t need, delete your downloads, and uninstall the programs on your machine that you aren’t using. This message means you need to clear some space for your machine to run properly.

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