Roadtrippin’ along the Salton Sea

After we visited Palm Springs last month, we headed out further into the desert. While driving along Highway 111, we begin to notice the most pungent smell ever, and lo and behold the crazy smell was coming from the Salton Sea. I wasn’t looking at a map, so I had no idea we were even near this “sea”. It’s so vacant, boarded-up, and falling apart due to manmade issues that caused a bustling resort town to fade away to literally almost nothing. This place looks feels like a scene from a sci-fi thriller, and I was creeped out more than once. There’s dead fish bones littering the beach, and so much vacant empty space.
the saltan sea
the saltan sea
saltan sea
There are fish skeletons covering every inch of beach:
saltan sea dead fish
I don’t believe in zombies but it would be of no surprise if one roamed this crazy land. Behind this lake was one boarded up hotel and resort after another. After living in NYC for five years, I get extremely uncomfortable in the middle of nowhere (ie: no man’s land). There were no gas stations for miles, no people or other cars for stretches at a time, and cell service was spotty at best. I can see why the desert serves as the backdrop for so many horror films.
salton sea dead fishsalton sea camping
And then this are you kidding me insane desert sunset happened on the ride back. Mind = Blown.
salton sea sunset

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