Good vibes…


A little vacation in one of my favorite cities starts now… #miami Technically we got in at midnight last night, no thanks to delays and cancellations at JFK. The vibe is so much more relaxed here than I’m used to in NYC. I’m looking forward to a few days of hot, humid weather, relaxing, and taking a ton of photos.

Noteworthy: as soon as we settled into our cab at the airport, our driver immediately turned up the song Africa by Toto, and we watched palm trees and city lights of Miami pass us by. It was so fitting and dreamy.

Ride in Peace

parisian street art

Parisian street art.
Noteworthy – the bike welded to the wall of a building and adorned with wings.
#rideinpeace #paris

I need to get back to Paris soon, it truly is incredibly inspiring.

Parisian windows

paris window

Parisian window sills are the cutest thing ever. I’ve never been to Paris in the Spring, I can’t imagine how adorable it is right now. (This photo was taken in December.)


Love Store

love store pigalle

I’m currently going through the photos I took while in the Quartier Pigalle. #blushing #neonlove

Texture Love: Paris Poetry Edition

french words

I fell in love with this poetry on the wall in Paris.

This *roughly* translates to:

I will smile
and my smile will sink into your eyes
and god knows what will become

and I think it’s pretty as hell.

Color Love

moroccan purse

Some color to warm up the vibe on this doom and gloom blizzary day. I picked up this purse in the Marrakech Souk, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Color is my jam, I love to look at it, and it makes me happy. One of the reasons I so badly wanted to visit Morocco is for all the color. Everything in Morocco is colorful and vibrant and beautiful. Even the sky is a constant shade of brilliant blue. The Souk was one of the most fascinating and terrifying experiences of my life. One of these days I’ll elaborate on that.

Marrakesh Sky

marrakesh sky
The bluest skies I’ve seen in a long time.
Blue skies and palm trees are natural mood elevators in my book.

Parisian Street Art

brocante paris

Observation: Parisian street art is much more colorful in comparison to NYC street art—there’s a visibly concerted effort to add a pop of color.
paris street art
paris street art graffiti paris
paris graffiti street art paris
paris graffiti
paris street art graffiti
Noteworthy: I love the glitter on this last mural, that’s something I’ve never seen before.