Roadtrippin’ along the Salton Sea

After we visited Palm Springs last month, we headed out further into the desert. While driving along Highway 111, we begin to notice the most pungent smell ever, and lo and behold the crazy smell was coming from the Salton Sea. I wasn’t looking at a map, so I had no idea we were even near this “sea”. It’s so vacant, boarded-up, and falling apart due to manmade issues that caused a bustling resort town to fade away to literally almost nothing. This place looks feels like a scene from a sci-fi thriller, and I was creeped out more than once. There’s dead fish bones littering the beach, and so much vacant empty space.
the saltan sea
the saltan sea
saltan sea
There are fish skeletons covering every inch of beach:
saltan sea dead fish
I don’t believe in zombies but it would be of no surprise if one roamed this crazy land. Behind this lake was one boarded up hotel and resort after another. After living in NYC for five years, I get extremely uncomfortable in the middle of nowhere (ie: no man’s land). There were no gas stations for miles, no people or other cars for stretches at a time, and cell service was spotty at best. I can see why the desert serves as the backdrop for so many horror films.
salton sea dead fishsalton sea camping
And then this are you kidding me insane desert sunset happened on the ride back. Mind = Blown.
salton sea sunset

Silver Lake love and StairTempo

One of my most favorite neighborhoods in LA is Silver Lake. It’s so cute, so lush, so hilly, so colorful, and quite walkable (walkable for LA at least). The New Yorker in had so much fun walking along Sunset Blvd admiring all the unique shops, cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. I really wanted to visit Moby’s new vegan restaurant, Little Pine, but it didn’t fit into my schedule (next time!!).
silver lake los angeles
silver lake california
silver lake homes california
silver lake apartment
silver lake sunset blvd
silver lake but first coffee
silver lake la
silver lake los angeles
silver lake los angeles sunset blvd
I could definitely make myself right at home in Silver Lake, it has such a cozy and laid back vibe.
silver lake los angeles
And finally…StairTempo, the neatest steps I’ve ever seen.
silver lake stairtempo

I don’t remember precisely where StairTempo is located, but it’s along Sunset and visible from the street♥  #StairTempo

Palm Springs road trip from LA

Part of our sister-sister LA trip included a road trip out to cutest desert city ever, Palm Springs!
palm springs
palm springs california
palm springs california
palm springs house
palm springspalm springs cactus
palm springs architecture
palm springs plants
palm springs ace hotel

Palm Springs is exactly as picturesque and retro as I was expecting. The ride out from Santa Monica wasn’t too bad, I had fun being the DJ for the day, playing my version of “desert road trip songs” (RHCP, David Bowie, Eagles, Pink Floyd, GNR, Led Zepellin, etc..) My favorite part of the trip was just driving around the residential streets and taking in all the amazing architecture. I’m not sure if it’s a rule or a competition, but every single home has impeccable artistic gardens and landscaping complete with tons of cute cactuses (cacti?). I’m not an architecture buff per say, but there’s something about a mid-century modern house that gets me every time ♥.

palm springs ace hotel
We even found a little photo booth at the Ace Hotel ♥♥♥.



I’m keeping this amazing city in my thoughts tonight.

#montmartre #paris

Paris is always a good idea

paris in december
paris in december
paris in december
paris in december
paris france
paris louvre
paris concorde station

Paris is always a good idea
-Audrey Hepburn

Photos taken from last December. Paris is such an amazing city, I hope my 2016 travel plans find me back here ♥♥♥

SoHo after dark

logan hicks wynwood miami
logan hicks wynwood miami
wynwood miami logan hicks
logan hicks miami
logan hicks miami
logan hicks miami wynwood

One of the exciting things about visiting the Wynwood Arts District is that new art pops up all the time. I fell in love with this mural by New York-based artist Logan Hicks when I visited last month. The details blew me away—his unique style captures multiple layers and intricacies very precisely. I was in Miami and felt myself being transported into the romanticized version of the dreamy streets of SoHo. You can learn more about Logan Hicks and his work here.