Sunday Roundup #1

Sunday Roundup

Here are some highlights over the past week:

First of all, RIP Prince. So sad. He’s one of those legends that I just thought would live forever. Rest in peace you beautiful unicorn.

Spring is in the air and everything is in bloom! Look how pretty things are around here in NYC.
spring in nyc flowers park ave
(can you spot the little corgi who was photobombing all my photos?)
corgi in central park new york
I spotted this stenciled typography delight on a someone’s personal (mythical) garage nearby.
typography no parking
I really need this I Have Way More Makeup At Home bag by Pamela Barsky that I spotted online this week. Sums me perfectly haha, and it’s currently sold out.
i have way more makeup at home
As much as I’ve tried to avoid SnapChat, the little filters are addicting. And everything is in real-time, so there’s wayyyy less curated bullshit that has become Instagram. On a side note, I can’t believe how long my hair has gotten, wow.
snap chat
And…I voted this week♥
vote nyc

Typography found in the East Village

There’s so much interesting typography to be found in New York City, but my favorite area to spot some really interesting street signs, storefronts and logos is the East Village. This neighborhood has a very artistic, urban, and old New York vibe, and the store owners are all using quirky typefaces for their signage.

typography in east village new york
typography east village
typography new york city
typography east village
typography east village
typography new york city
typography in new york east village
typography east village new york
typography new york city
typography new york city

The best {gluten free} macarons in NYC

danas bakery gluten free macarons

According to Yours truly, the best macarons in NYC can be found at Dana’s Bakery. They have the freshest, most fun, delicious macarons. For those of you anti-gluten folks, all macarons are gluten free, made with almond flour. I highly recommend the Fruity Cereal, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy flavors ♥

Dana’s Bakery (located inside Gansevoort Market)
52 Gansevoort St
New York, NY 10014
{meatpacking district}

Happy Weekend!

Let’s Dance

lets dance david bowie apartment soho

I walked by David Bowie’s Soho apartment yesterday, and let me tell you – it was an emotional experience. I’ve been weepy all week, this has been tough and I’m not one to get emotional in regards to celebrities. I’ve listened to David Bowie for so long that if there were ever a playlist of my life, it would be sprinkled with David Bowie tracks. I fondly remember mixing glitter into my nail polish when I was a girl, creating my own shades and giving them names like Ziggy Star Dust and Space Oddity. We lost a true artist, an innovator, someone who always took things too far, and it breaks my heart to pieces. Safe travels gentle soul. #fuckcancer

I love love love this Lets Dance mural that’s gone up right next to his building.

Hello 2016

big city dreams triston eaton

Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year for me, tough but very rewarding. I’m looking forward to 2016 being equally if not more amazing.

Mantra of the day: Follow your dreams… before it’s too late…

Big City Dreams mural, by artist Triston Eaton, can be found down in Nolita (Broom and Mott).

Happy 4 Years NYC


I moved to this amazing city 4 years ago. Some days it feels like I’ve lived here my entire life, and some days I feel like I don’t know this city at all.

Fall in NYC

fall in nyc

When asked, I always advise others to visit NYC during the Fall. It’s so beautiful this time of year—not too hot, not too cold, there’s so much going on, it’s the perfect time to explore and hang out.

Halloween in NYC 2015

halloween nyc 2015 zombie
halloween nyc
halloween nyc
halloween nyc
halloween nyc
halloween nyc 2015
halloween nyc 2015
halloween nyc 2015

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, apartments and townhouses in NYC transformed into their own personal House of Horrors this past week.

(Nothing scares me more than the woods though. I’ve probably seen too many bad 80’s movies or was traumatized by the Blair Witch Project—either way, I hate the woods, especially after dark, and avoid them at all costs.)


mums flowers

These flowers are all over Manhattan right now and I adore them. Just another thing that makes me happy that Fall has arrived. I really am loving the cooler weather. Ask me that in a few more weeks and I’m sure my feelings will have changed.

Last night, 9/11

911 nyc

I walked down to One World Trade Center last night from Chelsea (with a pit stop at a very divey bar in the West Village.) It’s become a yearly tradition to walk along the Westside Highway every year and gaze up at the twin lights, which are so bright that they appear to be shining into infinity. This year was special as there was access to the memorial park at night, so visitors could leave flowers and pay respects at the water fountains. It was highly emotional, too much to put into words even.

I still haven’t been up on the observation deck at One World Trade yet, but it’s high on my to-do list.