Norah Jones sings Black Hole Sun

In a tribute to the late Chris Cornell, Norah Jones sang Black Hole Sun at the Fox Theater in Detroit on May 23, 2017.

Eerie and haunting, and so very Norah.

TV on the Radio

I enjoy a gritty and grainy music video any day. HD and overly-produced videos might be the present and the future, but anything with a self-made feel pulls at my heart. The video for Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio fills me with several emotions, something most modern day videos rarely (if ever) accomplish.

I randomly discovered this band on Spotify – which may be the best 10 bucks I spend each month.

Quick facts about TV On The Radio:

• Formed in 2001
• From Brooklyn, NY
• Have been on several labels including Interscope
• Touring next: one show on Sunday June 25, 2017 at the Id10t Festival in Mountain View, CA

Listen to them on Spotify

Kitten Los Angeles

Last year in LA I stumbled across the band Kitten because their gig poster caught my eye. (Designer recognizes design right?) I couldn’t make it to that show because I was leaving town a few days prior. Fast forward a year and a half, I come to find they are playing another show shortly after I leave town, again.

Dear Kitten, someday I will make it to one of your shows, I promise.

If you are in LA, go see them at the Echoplex on Saturday, May 27th.

Said poster is below. If Kitten hadn’t been promoting themselves I wouldn’t have discovered them. Guerrilla Marketing 101. You can also listen to them on Spotify.

kitten band los angeles

Let’s Dance

lets dance david bowie apartment soho

David Bowie passed away this week and this mural went up outside his apartment. I’m glad he was able to release one last album before cancer overcame him.