dog face paint

A highlight of summertime : visiting the Barnstable County Fair and getting your face painted… modeled by Hunter who morphed into a dog yesterday.


An afternoon at Coney Island

coney island
coney island
coney island
coney island
coney island
coney island
coney island thunderbolt
coney island

Being the history buff that I am, I was so excited to visit Coney Island for the first time yesterday. It’s been on my bucket list of “things to do in NYC” for years, so I have no excuse for why it took me so long to visit. After riding the F train for what seemed like an eternity, we got off at the very last stop and stepped into what I can only describe as a mashup of the past 30+ years—it was amazing and beautiful. We walked along the boardwalk, explored the beach and the piers, and then walked through Luna Park. I rode the most terrifying ferris wheel of my life, the Wonder Wheel (the cars swing). I also braved sitting front seat of Cyclone, Coney Island’s infamous wooden roller coaster constructed in 1927. That ride was so rickety and fast that we felt like it could jump the track at any second. I can’t wait to visit again soon (minus a camera and wearing something more practical than sandals and a dress) so that I can go on every single ride in the park (except Zenobio – I have to think about that one).

Corgi on fleek

welsh corgi dog

This corgi is seriously happy that summer has finally arrived…and that I just shared a quarter of a watermelon with him.

Speaking of watermelon—is it just me, or is watermelon the new avocado toast?


Madison Square Eats – a recap

vodka infused watermelon
robertas pizza brooklyn
purple flowers lorax

A few weeks ago we wandered over to Madison Square Eats and spent the afternoon sampling amazing bites (and sips) from local vendors. The vodka-infused watermelon from Asia Dog was our favorite cocktail—it was vodkasoup bomb, we are still talking about it to this day. And the infamous Roberta’s Pizza was as tasty as it looks. I’m beginning to believe the best eateries in this city reside across the bridges in Brooklyn.

Oh and hello, my favorite purple flowers that look as though they came straight from the Lorax are now in full bloom.

Happy Saturday

miami palm trees south beach

Happy Saturday! I’m off to a yoga class to see if it helps with any of the joint pain that I’ve been experiencing lately—I’m always up for trying natural ways to heal the body.

O, Miami

Yesterday we walked over to The Carlton hotel to see a wall painted by Steve Powers. It was as epic as we anticipated!  Here’s a small piece of it that I really love:

steve powers miami wall carlton omiami

Art Deco color dreams:
art deco miami south beach

Neon love from Wynwood:
neon mural wynwood walls miami

I’m having such a blast in Miami and feeling so inspired ♥

Good vibes…


A little vacation in one of my favorite cities starts now… #miami Technically we got in at midnight last night, no thanks to delays and cancellations at JFK. The vibe is so much more relaxed here than I’m used to in NYC. I’m looking forward to a few days of hot, humid weather, relaxing, and taking a ton of photos.

Noteworthy: as soon as we settled into our cab at the airport, our driver immediately turned up the song Africa by Toto, and we watched palm trees and city lights of Miami pass us by. It was so fitting and dreamy.

Monday Vibes

buddha namaste

I’m currently working on making my namaste more peaceful. Also, I wish the entrance to my apartment was as serene as the entrance to my parents’ home—I’m beginning to believe fung shui is the real deal.