Crazy LA flowers

All over my instagram feed, LA residents (who I’m so jealous of) are posting tons of these red flowers in full bloom. I have no idea what they’re called, but they’re all over my photo stream from January when I visited.
los angeles red flowers

Happy Wednesday!

Downtown LA: A photo essay

To say I love Downtown LA is an understatement. I spent an afternoon exploring this creative, industrial art district neighborhood and left wanting to move here.

Cactuses and art everywhere:
downtown LA DTLA
downtown la art district
dtla back alley
dtla art district
downtown LA DTLA
dtla art district
dtla downtown la
DTLA street art
DTLA street art
DTLA street art los angeles
pie hole LA DTLA
Hola Tristan Eaton:
dtla tristan eaton
Intrigued by these posters, I discovered the band Kitten (check them out on Spotify) and wish I’d still been in town for that show:
kitten band los angeles la
And saw another Colette Miller Global Wings Project in person:
global wings project LA colette miller
DTLA street art los angeles
dtla street art campbells vegan soup
downtown LA lofts dtla living
downtown LA living
downtown los angeles DTLA
los angeles downtown la
downtown Los angeles photo essay
DTLA holds a piece of my heart ♥

Silver Lake love and StairTempo

One of my most favorite neighborhoods in LA is Silver Lake. It’s so cute, so lush, so hilly, so colorful, and quite walkable (walkable for LA at least). The New Yorker in had so much fun walking along Sunset Blvd admiring all the unique shops, cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. I really wanted to visit Moby’s new vegan restaurant, Little Pine, but it didn’t fit into my schedule (next time!!).
silver lake los angeles
silver lake california
silver lake homes california
silver lake apartment
silver lake sunset blvd
silver lake but first coffee
silver lake la
silver lake los angeles
silver lake los angeles sunset blvd
I could definitely make myself right at home in Silver Lake, it has such a cozy and laid back vibe.
silver lake los angeles
And finally…StairTempo, the neatest steps I’ve ever seen.
silver lake stairtempo

I don’t remember precisely where StairTempo is located, but it’s along Sunset and visible from the street♥  #StairTempo

Palm Springs road trip from LA

Part of our sister-sister LA trip included a road trip out to cutest desert city ever, Palm Springs!
palm springs
palm springs california
palm springs california
palm springs house
palm springspalm springs cactus
palm springs architecture
palm springs plants
palm springs ace hotel

Palm Springs is exactly as picturesque and retro as I was expecting. The ride out from Santa Monica wasn’t too bad, I had fun being the DJ for the day, playing my version of “desert road trip songs” (RHCP, David Bowie, Eagles, Pink Floyd, GNR, Led Zepellin, etc..) My favorite part of the trip was just driving around the residential streets and taking in all the amazing architecture. I’m not sure if it’s a rule or a competition, but every single home has impeccable artistic gardens and landscaping complete with tons of cute cactuses (cacti?). I’m not an architecture buff per say, but there’s something about a mid-century modern house that gets me every time ♥.

palm springs ace hotel
We even found a little photo booth at the Ace Hotel ♥♥♥.

Let’s Dance

lets dance david bowie apartment soho

David Bowie passed away this week and this mural went up outside his apartment. I’m glad he was able to release one last album before cancer overcame him.

Happy 4 Years NYC


I moved to this amazing city 4 years ago. As cliche as it sounds, some days it feels like I’ve lived here my entire life, and some days I feel like I don’t know this city at all.

Regarding Warhol

Ethel Scull 36 Times Andy Warhol, 1963.

Ethel Scull 36 Times Andy Warhol, 1963.

I viewed Regarding Warhol at the Met a few years ago and it’s still to this day the best exhibit I’ve ever been to. Living or dead, the one person I would like to have dinner with is, and always has been, Andy Warhol. Sorting through old files on my computer is almost always a good time.

Paris is always a good idea

paris in december
paris in december
paris in december
paris in december
paris france
paris louvre
paris concorde station

Paris is always a good idea
-Audrey Hepburn

Photos taken from last December. Paris is such an amazing city, I hope my 2016 travel plans find me back here ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday Nephew

stylish toddler

This nugget is turning 4 today.

Currently hot on the 4 year old circuit: fake tats, bouncy houses, Legos and Captain America.