Lava Lamps are making a comeback

I have no clue if interior designers would say lava lamps are making a comeback, they probably are not, but I’ve been seeing them quite a lot these days while out shopping. I hope they’re coming back, I’ve always wanted one.

lava lamps

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Resist Necklace

I love jewelry, and I love typography. Here’s a “RESIST” necklace for any smart, important, strong, nasty woman. If feminism was the official word of 2017 (according to Merriam-Webster), then resist might just be the word of 2018. I found this on made by the shop HalffulLa, here’s the link.
resist necklace typography necklace
What I love about this particular necklace is that it’s made with gold vermeil and the chain is gold filled so it’s not likely to tarnish or cause allergies.

NYC typography: East Village edition

There’s so much interesting typography to be found in New York City, but my favorite area to spot some curious street signs, storefronts and logos is the East Village. This neighborhood has an urban, artistic “old New York” vibe, and the signage reflects that perfectly.

typography in east village new york
typography east village
typography new york city
typography east village
typography east village
typography new york city
typography in new york east village
typography east village new york
typography new york city
typography new york city

80’s typography inspo

While I do have an appreciation for minimalism, I think it’s time to bring some color and fun elements back to the design realm.

CNN bling

necklace CNN

This gigantic blinged-out CNN sculpture serves as a reminder that modern media is sometimes a spectacle in itself. With the upcoming presidential election a year away, the “entertainment” is already in full force.

Necklace CNN by Thomas Hirschhorn
Currently on display at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami


dog face paint

A highlight of summertime : visiting the Barnstable County Fair and getting your face painted… modeled by Hunter who morphed into a dog yesterday.