The past 48 hours in photos

Some photos from the past 48 hours of my life:

The beautiful Rockefeller Tree that was so sparkly my iPhone couldn’t focus enough for a clear shot:
rockefeller tree
Street art in Nolita that caught my eye:
street art nolita nyc
A brunch date with a dear friend at Mercer Kitchen:
mercer kitchen
Amazing treats being made in my own kitchen:
pretzels covered in chocolate
Hello humid 70 degrees in NYC on December 22nd, I love you:
central park nyc

Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

2 weeks ago I went to the Times Square Wishing Wall to write down my hopes and dreams on a tiny piece of confetti that will be released into the air on New Years Eve when the ball drops. I also got to see the New Year’s Eve ball in person, which looked a lot different that I expected, in a good way. It’s constructed out of Waterford Crystal and changes colors, I had no idea. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:
new years eve ball times square
new years eve times square ball drop
new years eve times square ball drop
new years eve times square ball
times square new years eve
new years eve nyc times square ball drop
And here’s the wall where I posted my hopes and dreams for 2014:
wishing wall new years eve times square
I have a good feeling about 2014 :)

The harder you look, the harder it looks back

christopher wool guggenheim
christopher wool guggenheim
christopher wool guggenheim
christopher wool
christopher wool painting
Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Guggenheim checking out the massive collection of work by New York City artist Christopher Wool. I walked in so excited to see this work, and walked out high on inspiration.

A Saturday at the Met

met roof deck
roof at the met
Al Held painting at the Met New York
I wanted to go on the roof of the Met all summer, and ended up making my way there on the very last day it was open for the rest of the year. Phew! Those views are so beautiful.
The fantastic painting above is by Al Held. My favorite exhibit during this visit was The Refusal of Time by William Kentridge, a video installation with a moving sculpture. I closely related to this piece, it got me thinking about some issues that I’m currently struggling with internally. I felt quite moved and thankful that we stumbled into this kind of set back exhibit.

Aten Reign by James Turrell

Aten Reign is an installation by James Turrell specifically designed for the rotunda of the Guggenheim.  I went today and didn’t want to leave.  This is the most powerful artwork I’ve seen in quite some time.  As I was laying on the floor of the museum and staring up I felt like I was in a dream or just existing for a moment on another plane of existence.

james turrell aten reign
james turrell aten reign guggenheim
james turrell guggenheim aten reign
james turrell guggenheim light aten reign
james turrell aten reign

The Chelsea Hotel

chelsea hotel the hotel chelsea
I wish the Chelsea Hotel would reopen its doors to the public. I’m patiently waiting to live a day in the life of Patti Smith and stay in this historic landmark building. Apparently there’s some issues with the new owners and current long-term tenants. Until that day comes, whenever I’m in the mood to feel like a 70’s artist/musician, I enjoy drinks next door at the landmark lounge El Quijote

Regarding Warhol

regarding warhol edith
regarding warhol andy warhol portrait
I went to the Met today to see the Regarding Warhol exhibit. It was everything I hoped it would be and more – down the the room with silver cloud balloons floating around and Velvet Underground songs on repeat. I ♥ Andy Warhol.