Miami Art Deco

essex hotel miami art deco
art deco hotel miami south beach
art deco south beach
cavelier miami south beach art deco

I have a strong appreciation for the art deco architecture that is found in South Beach, so much that I become a member of the Miami Design Preservation League, and toured many of the hotels in the area (so much fun by the way). My favorites include Essex House and Winter Haven. These two hotels are  incredibly chic and have been preserved with such care that I felt as though I were stepping into the 1930’s Miami. The bar at Essex House was a favorite of Al Capone and his cohorts, and walking into the lobby of Winter Haven feels as though you are stepping onto a luxurious cruise ship. I hope I can stay at one of these beauties on my next visit, maybe for Art Basel in December :)

versace home south beach miami
Above is Casa Casuarina, formerly occupied by the late Gianni Versace. Fun little fact: this is the third most photographed house in the US (the White House and Elvis Presley’s home come in 1st and 2nd).

SoHo Sundays

Soho nyc
Soho street art nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
soho nyc
I love SoHo

The street art, the architecture, the shopping, the restaurants, the upscale hotels, the dive bars, the views, the coffee, the pop-up shops. I love it all.

The Bowery Mural

maya hayuk bowery mural wall
maya hayuk bowery wall
bowery mural 2014 maya hayuk
The Bowery Mural.
Maya Hayuk’s geometric mural has been up at the corner of Houston and Bowery for about two weeks now. It’s quite the beauty with bold lines and vibrant pops of color. Unfortunately, some hooligans felt the urge to tag over it already…and there goes the neighborhood.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Mural

philip seymoure hoffman mural nyc
Philip Seymour Hoffman mural, E 1st St.

I walked by this mural while in the East Village earlier this afternoon. Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman, your brilliance and talent will be remembered forever.

Still Winter

kobra mural
illustration pens

My West Coast friends are killing me with their endless Instagram posts of beach days and palm trees. I’ve never been more ready for spring in my entire life.

Long Island City

moma ps1
long island city create urban
long island city create urban queens
space womb long island city
long island city boarded up queens
long island city desolatelong island city street art
long island city nyc moma ps1
A few extra photos from my recent afternoon in Long Island City over this past weekend. First of all, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that LIC is just one quick stop away on the subway – I was mentally prepared to be on the subway forever. Secondly, LIC is very urban and gritty with lots of graffiti and boarded up windows. It could serve as the perfect backdrop for a film or photo shoot. With the MoMA PS1 and street banners on every corner with “CREATE” signage, I wonder if this will be a new artist’s district in the near future?  Yes, I’m obsessed with all things urban lately. I find beauty in the unconventional and urban has always represented city to me, and city has always been one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

Mike Kelley at MoMA PS1

mike kelley deodorized central mass with satellites
mike kelley artist stuffed animals
mike kelley day is done
mike kelley day is done film
mike kelley mosaic artmike kelley mosaic art
moma ps1
Knowing that Mike Kelley’s largest exhibit ever was on the verge of closing, we trekked over to MoMA PS1 in Queens (Long Island City) yesterday to view Mike Kelley, a 40,000 square feet retrospective of the artist’s work. Every room offered a surprise and a new medium. His work ranges from complex installations to film, painting, drawing and mosaic sculptures, and all my senses could feel the experience. I’m so grateful I was able to see this exhibition, it’s thus far been the most powerful works I’ve seen since moving to New York.


chelsea nyc urban
highline views chelsea
highline nyc
chelsea nyc
kobra street art
highline nyc

Some images from a cold, cold, cold day in Chelsea a few days ago. Weekends lately have involved bundling and heading out to view as much art as possible, exploring and finding inspiration for my own work. I’ve loved the grungy urban vibes of Chelsea since I was a young girl. Everywhere I go in this neighborhood I can find amazing art. Street art from talent like Kobra, fine art, even installation art like the High Line, an abandoned train track re-purposed into a beautiful, usable space.