wynwood  walls miami street art
wynwood walls miami
wynwood art complex miami

I explored Wynwood for the first time yesterday! I’m still speechless and will have (a lot) more to say about this at another time.

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Ride in Peace

parisian street art

Parisian street art.
Noteworthy – the bike welded to the wall of a building and adorned with wings.
#rideinpeace #paris

I need to get back to Paris soon, it truly is incredibly inspiring.

Happy Friday

bradley theodore

I saw this painting/mural by Bradley Theodore in Soho in last week, unfortunately I didn’t have a wide angle lens on hand to capture the full beauty. Le sigh…


Parisian Street Art

brocante paris

Observation: Parisian street art is much more colorful in comparison to NYC street art—there’s a visibly concerted effort to add a pop of color.
paris street art
paris street art graffiti paris
paris graffiti street art paris
paris graffiti
paris street art graffiti
Noteworthy: I love the glitter on this last mural, that’s something I’ve never seen before.

An afternoon at the Guggenheim

zero guggenheim
zero guggenheim
I saw dazzling light installations at the ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s–60s exhibit at the Guggenheim. I find light installations incredibly interesting, and have been dying to see this exhibit since it first opened. The Guggenheim has a strict no camera policy (that they enforce) so unfortunately I have no images to share.

Degenerate Art

degenerate art neue galerie
I think I’ll finally have a chance to drop into the exhibit Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937 at the Neue Galerie this weekend. I’m super excited for this one.